Soul Catcher

Ed Archie NoiseCat

For Retrieving Lost Souls

Ed Archie NoiseCat

Sometimes, people lose their souls.
It might happen due to illness or injury.
More often it’s a consequence of disrespecting
the land or the spirits heedlessly – without making
amends. When people lose their souls they wander
without goals and purpose. They fall into self-destructive ways.

In the old days, a shaman had a tool good for retrieving
lost souls. It’s known today as a soul catcher.
While a shaman might be able to tell you more about
saving souls,that’s an art I know nothing about.

This piece is a representation of a soul catcher.
A reminder of consequences and redemption.

May 1, 1998

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Soul Catcher- Limited edition of 33, $300 each.


3.16Oz. Sterling silver 2 7/16"x 13/16".

Soul Catcher- $280
Sterling silver, 14 karat gold 2"x 1/2".

Soul Catcher- $200
Sterling silver 2"x 1/2".

Soul Catcher- $400

Soul Catcher- $400
Sterling silver, 14 karat gold bezels,
amethyst and peridot (5mm) 2"x 1/2".

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