First Light

Ed Archie NoiseCat


Tricksters thrive in the forests, mountains, shoreline and plateaus of the Northwest. Raven and Coyote are two of my favorites. Raven hails from the Coast. Coyote comes from the Plateau.

In part, this piece is about the relationship between Raven and Coyote. It is also about me – my father is Coast Salish while my mother’s people are from the Plateau. But mostly, it is about the tension and ambiguity between the two sculptural forms.

Thieving Raven is flying off with the sun in his grasp, while Coyote pulls Raven back to earth. Is that what Coyote is up to? Or could he be going along for the ride? Are we witnessing conflict? Or conspiracy?

Bronze, Silver, Gold, Blue Star Sapphires, Pearl.
Limited edition of 12.

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First Light


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