The Sun

Ed Archie NoiseCat


Once the World was Dark

Some say the miserly king of the undersea world kept a beautiful golden orb stashed away in a box beneath the sea. Raven and coyote, out for a good time, pulled a fast one on the sodden king, stealing his precious treasure and pinning it to the night sky for all to see. We delight in its warmth and light. They delighted in the last laugh.

Others believe that the sun was a man and the moon a woman. Brother and sister, some say. They eloped, but didn’t get away. As punishment for violating nature and worshiping pleasure, they were hung separately in the sky. Condemned to a lifetime of longing.

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Sterling silver, 14 karat gold 1 3/16".
Also available w/o gold.


Sun- $150, w/o gold $80

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